About Tech Patrol

TechPatrol is a market leader in providing advanced IT solutions to Australian and international businesses. We are the missing link in providing the technical expertise to reputable businesses who have limited internal IT resources.

As a platinum IT company we provide a corporate level of service with the impeccable customer service of a boutique business. This also means we are well regarded for providing highly secure, reliable and redundant technologies.

TechPatrol is a team of skilled and committed professionals who have distinguished IT expertise. We ensure our clients’ current IT solutions are thoroughly maintained through our comprehensive monitoring, regular IT health checks and system automation. This guarantees we are constantly looking for ways to improve and maximise productivity while reducing overheads for our clients.
Founded in 1998 TechPatrol is a well-established industry forerunner in the latest technical solutions. We pride ourselves in our ability to control costs, integrate systems, increase staff productivity, reduce downtime and maintain disaster prevention, for our clients.