Our Values


Integrity is the foundation of our business. Our success is entirely dependent on earning and maintaining the trust and respect of our clients, partners and other relevant stakeholders.

We communicate with our clients honestly and proactively to ensure they are armed with all the information they need to make the most appropriate decisions regarding their IT&T systems.

We believe in being responsible for the standard of our technical work and standing behind the solutions we recommend. Above all, we at TECHPATROL believe in keeping our promises.


TECHPATROL is always on the lookout for new technologies that can deliver a key cost or functionality advantage to our clients business. Once these emerging technologies have been adequately tested in our lab or in the marketplace, we will deploy the new technology in our solutions to provide our clients with an edge over their competition.


We provide truly proactive services by utilising our advanced remote network monitoring system codenamed ‘Cyclops’. Utilising ‘Cyclops’ and Best Practices in IT maintenance, we strive to avoid the bulk of technical issues before our clients’ networks are impacted.

Attention to Detail

TECHPATROL is committed to continually developing and evolving our technical processes to ensure the most efficient handling of all our technical work and project management.
With technology, the devil is certainly in the detail and we don’t lose focus of the small things along the way that can be the difference between adequate and exceptional technical services.

Technical Training

As technology is rapidly evolving, we are committed to continually training our technical staff and to keep pace with breakthroughs in software, hardware and providers in the marketplace, that may assist our clients.
The TECHPATROL Team get together every month after hours for ‘lab nite sessions’ to investigate new technologies and methodologies before recommending them to our clients.


TECHPATROL is committed to leveraging technology to achieve stability, speed, mobility, collaboration and efficiency for our client’s business.