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AGL Scam Carrying Crypto Ransomware Torrentlocker Hits Australian Inboxes

AGL Scam Carrying Crypto Ransomware Torrentlocker Hits Australian Inboxes A massive phishing email with links to a crypto ransomware payload is hitting Australia inboxes today en-masse. This is the second AGL scam in as many weeks. Last week another fake ...

Surviving data retention: What you need to know

Article written 13th October 2015 by Claire Reilly | CNET Every Australian with a mobile phone or an Internet connection is now having their digital activity recorded. As the government’s new data retention laws come into effect, we give you...

Why You Should Upgrade Your Office Tech in 2015 With Your $20,000 Government Tax Rebate

One of the 2015 Federal Budget announcements to garner the most attention was the temporary increase to the instant asset write-off, which enables small businesses with an annual turnover of under $2 million to claim back purchases of up to $20,000. Continue reading

Windows 10 FAQs

Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 as a free upgrade for a limited time. When does Windows 10 launch? July 29th 2015 What’s up with the free upgrade? Is this legit? Yes. It’s important to keep up with Microsoft’s press conferences...

Cloud Services

The IT market is regularly changing and the Cloud is a big change. TechPatrol have recently stepped into the cloud world with using services such as Office 365 and Amazon Web Services and we believe that the Cloud is quite...

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft’s latest Surface, the Surface Pro 3 is a powerful and lightweight machine and with its ability to dock, have a dual screen display and wireless connectivity it is proving to be a great replacement for both a laptop and...


Recently our technicians have noticed a large increase in the amount of user machines that are being infected by the cryptolocker/torrentlocker. We strongly advise users to be more cautious when clicking on links from unknown email addresses. A simple way...