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Server and Network Solutions

A solid network is at the heart of a business’s IT requirements, and this is where the TechPatrol service begins.

After performing a thorough audit of existing IT infrastructure TechPatrol will recommend and implement a solution – such as the award winning Microsoft Small Business Server – and combine it with the appropriate server hardware to ensure all aspects of business operation are seamless.

The TechPatrol technical team is highly skilled and experienced in designing, implementing and maintaining your network. Our team consists of network engineers skilled with Microsoft, HP and a host of other industry leaders, and as a team we have the breadth and depth of experience to design and implement robust and innovative technical solutions to support your business operations.

What sets the TechPatrol technical team apart is our ability to communicate effectively with our clients, with technical engineers who are not only highly trained, but are also easy to understand and pleasant to work with.

Try TECHPATROL and experience the difference.

IT Procurement

TechPatrol is more than a reseller of all business IT hardware, software and consumables: we are dedicated to reducing the cost and hassles of your IT ownership.

We research your requirements to make sure you are choosing the right brands and the right products and will organise to get your goods delivered to your door within your stated deadlines.

Our assistance doesn’t stop after you’ve received your goods: we record all purchase information, including serial numbers and licence numbers, and will assist when organising repair to your hardware under warranty and renewing your software licences according to vendor requirements.

No business is complete without a robust software package behind it. No matter what your industry or specialisation, there is software that you can use to enhance your day to day operations, and TechPatrol knows how to find it. Whether simple document processing applications or complex client management tools the TechPatrol team can apply their industry know-how in prescribing the best software solution to cater to your business needs.

With TechPatrol as your partner, IT procurement is fast, simple and cost-effective.

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