Managed Services Program (MSP)


A solid network is at the heart of a business’s IT requirements, and this is where the TechPatrol service begins.

IT Managed Services from TechPatrol

By utilising our developed Best Practices in Network Maintenance, and our Advanced Network Monitoring System, we ensure your IT investment is protected and operating at peak performance.

Set your IT support budget on a month to month basis (NO TERM CONTRACTS), avoid costly and disruptive downtime, increase staff productivity and concentrate on developing your core business. It’s that simple.

TechPatrol’s Managed Services program is extremely flexible and cost effective. You have the option to either select the components that are most important to your business or have TechPatrol take complete ownership and responsibility across your entire network. In this mix and match model you set the level of IT support and associated costs that you are comfortable with at any time.

By partnering with TechPatrol and adopting our IT Managed Services Program in your business you can be assured to have your very own internal IT department with processes governed around the ITIL framework which includes important controls through reporting and Service Level Management. Now that’s peace of mind.

Unlimited Support & Troubleshooting

TechPatrol will provide unlimited troubleshooting for all technical issues on your IT Assets included in the Managed Services program for a fixed monthly cost.

Furthermore, any new request on components included in the program will also incur no additional charge.
For example this will cover things like, setting up new users on the Network, Changing over staff members – Reconfiguration of a user on the Network, Updating versions of installed Software, Restoring from backup files/folders that a user accidentally deleted.

Now, all your users can call TechPatrol for support without fear of incurring additional charges and you can relax knowing that whatever technical glitches arise, they will be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible and you will not blow your IT services budget.

Managed Services Key Benefits

Truly “Preventative” IT Maintenance
Others promise it. TechPatrol delivers. Preventative IT Maintenance. TechPatrol has developed comprehensive checklists which we run through on a monthly basis to keep all components of your network in excellent order. Our Network Monitoring System sends us alerts when any key variable on your network reaches a warning or critical state, so we can act upon the alert before you even know there’s a problem.

Predict and Reduce your IT Servicing Costs

Finally, you can lock in your IT Servicing costs and budget into the future based on estimated growth. Avoid the stress and uncertainty of your IT support bill each month and save yourself and your staff wasting valuable time playing around with technology. Leave it to the experts.

Superior Response Times

As a Managed Services customer of TechPatrol, you are entitled to one of the best Response Time SLAs in the industry. You can be reassured that if a critical technical problem strikes, a TechPatrol technical Engineer is available in a matter of minutes.

Technical Documentation

TechPatrol will compile a simple, non-technical monthly Systems Report with an Executive Summary written in plain English. The report summarises network performance over the month and highlights any concerns from our maintenance and monitoring reports for your consideration. We will also update your technical documentation each month to simplify and speed up future troubleshooting of any technical issues.

IT Asset Management

When an IT Asset is setup on our Managed Services program it will be issued with a unique TechPatrol Asset ID and all appropriate details such as device name, serial number and any warranty details together with renewal or expiration dates will be entered into our Asset Management System. All works performed or related to your IT Managed Services Assets will be logged against the Asset ID and service records will be kept much like your cars service log book.
The IT Asset will also be added into our Monitoring System and a notification email will be sent to you at least one month before any warranty or vendor subscription expiration is reached.

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