Network Monitoring


Ongoing Maintenance

The TechPatrol service does not end once your network is installed and operating. TechPatrol specialises in offering the ongoing maintenance of your network, server and computer equipment – this means ensuring that your business is operating at maximum efficiency with bare minimum down time.

This service essentially enables you to be completely care-free about all IT related issues knowing that they are in the dedicated and cabable hands of our team. TechPatrol can monitor the performance of all your hardware and software, diagnose problems quickly and efficiently, and maintain a guaranteed uptime of 99%.

Many others claim to offer preventative IT maintenance, but TechPatrol actually delivers. Utilising our advanced Network Monitoring System and Best Practices Preventative Maintenance Programs, TechPatrol is successfully preventing the bulk of technical issues before they impact our clients systems.

TechPatrol offers different maintenance programs to cater to the size, workload and requirements of your business. Our remote access capabilities mean we can solve many IT issues from our headquarters without having to send a technician to you, saving your precious time and money.

Focus on your core business by leaving your IT in TechPatrol’s professional hands.

Technical Support

button-supportdeskTechPatrol operates a Helpdesk with trained and friendly technicians providing telephone and remote support 24 x 7, and onsite technical assistance.

TechPatrol clients can rest assured of prompt technical assistance in a crisis situation with our 1 hour Onsite Guarantee.

Call 1300 551 330 anytime for TechPatrol support.

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