Windows 10 FAQs

Tech Patrol

Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 as a free upgrade for a limited time.

When does Windows 10 launch?
July 29th 2015

What’s up with the free upgrade? Is this legit?
Yes. It’s important to keep up with Microsoft’s press conferences and news so you’re not left out in the cold. Keep yourself informed so that you’re best equipped for events like this.

What will we lose in the upgrade?
Your files will stay intact. Microsoft says that most apps will move over (depending on your native language). It’s undetermined what apps will for sure carry over and what will be left behind. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Microsoft will also be removing features such as native DVD support, Windows Media Center, desktop gadgets, etc.

Will it be available as an ISO?
Yes, if you buy the full version. The free upgrade is an in-place upgrade which will be installed via Windows Update.

Can I use the same license key as before?
Yes, you will use the same license key as the OS that you’re upgrading from. It’s essentially the same license. Meaning that when you upgrade to Windows 10, it does not free up a Windows 7/8 license to use on another computer.

Can I downgrade from Windows 10 to a previous OS version?
Yes, you can do this by performing a fresh install. Remember you have to start at the base product that you have a key for. For example, if you have Windows 8.1 but it’s an upgrade from Windows 7, you must install Windows 7 and then upgrade back to 8.1 if that’s what you want to downgrade to.