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5 Reasons Accounting Firms Should Outsource IT

Article by Diogo Correa
July 3, 2019

We understand that the old method of doing business was to have a department across accounting, sales, marketing, IT, purchasing… etc. The word ‘outsource’ often comes with a lot of negative connotations. However, understanding how outsourcing to a local IT company can truly benefit your accounting firm may change your mind about this loaded term. ‘Outsourcing IT’ is synonymous with IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) and is often used interchangeably.  

We are strong believers that accounting firms should seriously consider outsourcing their IT services the same way that we are strong believers that businesses should outsource their financials to Accounting firms… here’s why:

1. MSPs are Proactive and Reduce Downtime (Costs Saving)

Say goodbye to downtime, because dedicated IT service providers, like us, not only monitor your network 24/7 but we also take a proactive approach to monitoring your systems. We often spot problems before they develop into something bigger, meaning your employees and your business will spend far less time troubleshooting a downed network. Plus, less downtime directly impacts your firm’s bottom line, allowing you to maximize your billable hours and total profit.

2. MSPs Allow Your Business To Focus On Its Strengths (Strategy)

Let’s be honest, you’re not an IT expert and whom ever you hire for that spot most likely won’t have the capabilities and depth of expertise than a MSP would – so why would you want to spend your precious time struggling to fix and upgrade your systems? Outsourcing allows you to leave the tech issues to the professionals while you focus on the daily tasks of running your accountancy practice. By partnering with an MSP it will give you piece of mind knowing you have a team of dedicated experts proactively keeping an eye on your IT.

3. MSPs Offer Increased Productivity (increasing productivity)

 It’s no lie that MSPs know IT infrastructure like the back of their hands, since they work with systems every single day. When your business IT infrastructure works without a hitch, everyone in your company gets more done and studies have shown, less issues brings hire employee retention. In an age where nearly every productive function in the office is tech-related, having things run smoothly should be imperative for any business. Increased productivity contributes to your bottom line, all of which contributes to the success of your firm. Not only that, it puts your business in the position to scale.

4. MSPs Secure Your Business (Security)

Security is a vital importance in the accounting industry, and knowing your IT is secure benefits both your business and your clients. MSPs not only implement nex-gen security measures but also apply multi-layered approaches with 24-hour monitoring to keep the systems completely unaffected. In the small % of cases that something goes wrong, you as a business won’t have to worry, your MSP is tasked to solve any of these issues – huge part of why you should be outsourcing your IT. 

5. MSPs Minimise risks (Risk Mitigation)

Have you heard of DR? How much would it cost your business in the event of a total system crash or data loss? What if this happened during tax season? DR stands for disaster recovery which means in the event that the entire system crashes an MSP is able to bring back your business to working order in minutes whilst they recover and get your original environment back up and running. You will never have to worry about losing your clients critical information again. 

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Diogo Correa

Head of Sales

Diogo has a Bcom in International Business and has forged Technology deals for multiple Enterprise-Grade businesses along with government organisations, across Australia. He is passionate about technology and leading our clients into digital alignment through our innovative Technology Success Program that he has helped build from the ground up.

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