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5 Ways To Stay Compliant With CLI Requirements

There is no secret that compliance requirements for Cyber Liability insurance can be quite complex. This is why so many claims are denied. However, compliance is not an unattainable unicorn, compliance just requires effective routine security assessment, documentation and proactive prevention measures – each of these can be done with the right tool kit and measurements in place. The top challenge associated with cyber liability insurance (CLI) payouts is proof, delivering reporting that shows due care to maintain a secure environment is one way to ensure your business receives its disbursement.

Office 365 Backup

6 Critical Reasons for Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Microsoft takes care of quite a bit, and provides a great service for their customers. However, Microsoft’s primary focus is on managing the Office 365 infrastructure and maintaining uptime to your users. They are empowering you with the responsibility of your data. The misconception that Microsoft fully backs up your data on your behalf is quite common, and without a shift in mindset, could have damaging repercussions when this responsibility is left unattended.

Tech Patrol

The 4 Accounting Pillars for Digital Transformation

SO how should accounting firms be going about the business of digitisation if they don’t have an MSP partner? First and foremost, any new technology must offer a tangible benefit to the client or the firm internally. Beyond this, however, is the need to ensure that the right talent is available to use it.

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