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Understanding ‘VoIP’

Understanding VoIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol

VoIP oIP known as Voice Over Internet Protocol is the new go-to business phone solution as it’s multi-functionality of not only making business voice calls but also the advantage of video conferences, and chat using just your internet connection. Although there are dinosaur minded companies still using analogue phones, a growing number of…

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What Tech Patrol Does To Secure Office 365 Data

Office 365 Security - Tech Patrol

Microsoft’s O365 package comes with its own securing and compliance solution that can help businesses avoid devastating financial and legal repercussions of data loss. Even with the built-in security service, having your own measures beyond the standard out-the-box is a must!

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Microsoft Pulls The Plug And Businesses Are Not Happy

Microsoft Windows 7

Windows 7 and Windows mobile will no longer have support. Not only that – the Microsoft Lumia range will also be discontinued. If you’re looking to use these mobile for your business or if you’re currently still running Windows 7 in your workplace, take note of the details within this article.

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Top Web Hosting Sites Found To Have Multiple Flaws

Hosting Companies Hacked

Some of these vulnerabilities are so simple to execute and was demonstrated by hackers who simply tricked victims into clicking a simple link or visiting a malicious website that would easily take over the accounts of anyone using the affected hosting providers.

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Twitter Exposes Users


Twitter accidentally exposed its users through its forms for contacting the company. The concern here is that malicious attackers could have users the security flaw to figure out where accounts are geographically based, which can have political ramifications.

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Controlling Laptop and Smartphone Access to Corporate Networks With SonicWall

Tech Patrol

Today, IT must ensure secure access to corporate resourcesfor users of both laptops and smartphones. Yet there is asubtle—but distinct—difference between securing laptops and smartphones. In theory, with company-issued, IT-controlled laptops, IT has traditionally had the option to lock down the operating system to prevent the installation of potentially insecure or non-approved applications. Nowadays, though,…

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