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Microsoft Teams Becomes The Most Used Business Collaboration App in The World

Two years ago this week, Microsoft decided to launch Microsoft 365, a set of integrated apps and services that are designed to help businesses transform workplace collaboration, streamline business processes, ...
TECH PATROL - Accounting

The 4 Accounting Pillars for Digital Transformation

The world of business is facing another wave of the digital revolution, and the accounting sector is no exception. You heard it in game of thrones: "Winter is coming". Well ...

Australia’s Best EOFY Device Discounts of 2019: Best Vendors, Clearance Prices!

During end-of-financial-year several vendors look to clear stocks just like your everyday retail stores. However, we understand that purchasing a laptop, desk top or other devices, even during a sale ...
tech Patrol - Managed IT Services

5 Reasons Accounting Firms Should Outsource IT

We understand that the old method of doing business was to have a department across accounting, sales, marketing, IT, purchasing... etc. The word ‘outsource’ often comes with a lot of ...
Email Spam TECH PATROL - Cyber Security

What Exactly Does A Phishing Campaign Look Like?

Please note: For privacy reasons the identity of the hacked account in the example used for this blog has been changed. In our previous email security education blog we reviewed trending email ...
Tech Patrol

It’s Time To Consider An MSP

If you're a business that uses technology (in 2019, this should be EVERYONE) and your IT staff is spending too much time focusing on functions like email hosting and backup, ...
Microsoft O365 backup

6 Critical Reasons To Backup Your Office 365

As a robust and highly capable Software as a Service(SaaS) platform, Microsoft Office 365 fits the needs of many organizations perfectly. Office 365 provides application Availability and uptime to ensure ...

AWS v AZURE: The Difference

As the industry changes and the general notion being "If you haven't migrated to the cloud you are falling behind." businesses are scatering to two major players and they are ...
Cyber Security

Is Cyber Security Keeping You Up At Night?

When it comes to mobility, the issue of secure wireless connectivity can keep IT staff awake at night. Businesses are relying more and more on smart devices and gadgets to ...


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