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Australia Passes Anti-Encryption Bill (Everything You Need to Know)

On Thursday last week, Australia finally passed the "Telecommunications Assistance and Access Bill 2018," also known as the Anti-Encryption Bill, that would now allow law enforcement to force Google, Facebook, ...

Adobe Flash Zero-Day Exploit Found Hidden Inside MS Office Docs

Vulnerabilities have been found within Adobe once again. Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player that hackers are actively exploiting in the wild as part ...
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Fastest Spread Ransomware Attack In China’s History

A new interesting technique of ransom attached to a rapidly spreading ransomware attack in China is getting the world's tech leaders attention as the infection has spread to more than 100,000 ...
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Australia’s Think Tank Has Been Hit By a Chinese Cyber Attack

The Lowy Institute, known as Australia's biggest, independent, foreign affairs think tank. Providing high-quality research and distinctive perspectives on the international trends shaping Australia and the world. The organisation has now ...
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50,000 Printers Were Hacked To Promote Youtube’s Largest Channel (PewDiePie)

This story is quite unbelievable but it happened. Throughout this article, we will look to break down the back story and dive deeper into the Hack.  PewDiePie is an independent Youtuber ...
Tech Patrol Resets All Passwords After Cyber Attack

Dell, one of the biggest technology companies in the world has stopped an attack on its electronics store after an unknown group of hackers attempted to steal all customer ...
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Microsoft Details MFA Outage That Affected Azure, O365, Dynamics, and Other Microsoft Users

On November 19th we notified our clients that Microsoft's Azure Active Directory Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) services were down for a lot of users. The reason for notifying particular clients is ...
datto state of ransomware report 2018

Ransomware Becomes Biggest Threat To SMEs

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) one of the essential services that you should be delivering to your customers is patch management. From fixing security vulnerabilities to improving performance, keeping ...
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How Opening Safari Could Have Hacked Your Apple Device

Safari comes standard with every single Apple device that you own, it's apples very own go-to browser. Earlier this week the DropBox team released details of three critical vulnerabilities in ...


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