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emotet trojan

New ‘Undetectable’ Email Virus Hits Australia

The Australian Government has issued a cybersecurity warning over an ongoing banking trojan called Emotet. First discovered in Europe in late 2014, the malware has now reached Australian shores and ...
Compliance - Tech-Success

5 Ways To Stay Compliant With CLI Requirements

There is no secret that compliance requirements for Cyber Liability insurance can be quite complex. This is why so many claims are denied. However, compliance is not an unattainable unicorn, ...
cyber liability deny claim

Top 5 Reasons Cyber Liability Companies Will Deny Your Claim

Cybercrime has risen last year alone by 11%. From this stat alone, there is no longer a matter of "will I get attacked?" it's a matter of, when. According to ...
Tech Success

Microsoft Reveal New Surface Product Line

Over 7 years ago - June 2012 - Monday, during an invitation-only event held in Los Angeles, Microsoft got the tech press to do something almost unprecedented: wait with eager ...
Digital Transformation with Tech Patrol

What Digital Transformation Really Looks Like

Clients have heard the term Digital Transformation (DT) throughout 2019, but what does it really mean? some IT people would just say moving you from on-prem to cloud, however. Digital transformation is ...

Can You Monitor Your Employees Emails?

There is no question that Email monitoring is a necessary evil in the modern workplace. Businesses across Australia face an increasing number of Cybersecurity threats as the world becomes more ...
Office 365 Backup

6 Critical Reasons for Microsoft Office 365 Backup

There is a large miss consumption that Microsoft backs up all your data and that you have infinite retention - are you one of these? do you feel like; "Microsoft ...
Tech Patrol - Computer Security

How to Assess the Value of Advanced Endpoint Security Solutions

Modern attack methods have made antivirus protection far less effective than it once was. Sophisticated adversaries have learned to slip past antivirus measures, or avoid them altogether. Solutions from leading ...
Tech Patrol PTY LTD

Microsoft Teams Becomes The Most Used Business Collaboration App in The World

Two years ago this week, Microsoft decided to launch Microsoft 365, a set of integrated apps and services that are designed to help businesses transform workplace collaboration, streamline business processes, ...


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