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IT Managed Services on Steroids

Tech Success is a comprehensive program which covers a whole lot more than most other IT Managed Service offerings seen in our industry and is what separates us from the crowd.

Shifting from a technical to a business relationship to address the business impact of technology in your organisation, our Tech Success program assures you have your very own internal IT department focused on technology standards and alignment together with business impact and IT strategy.

Simple Pricing, No Surprises

We don't believe in term contracts. Billed on a flexible monthly per-user fee and receive no-charge onboarding with our world-class technical team!

Not only will you have unlimited access to our highly accredited technical team, you will also be assigned with a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) performing scheduled proactive visits helping you understand the business impact of technology and who will be responsible for implementing a series of best practices for key technology areas to align your technology with high standards on a regular basis.


Dedicated IT Management (vCIO)

Strategic insight and planning from your vCIO 

A function of our engagement with you is to have a complete mastery of your business use of technology. This goes beyond basics including industry trends, business applications, or compliance requirements. This implies that we need to understand what your business does, how you do it, and what your technology does for you in order to provide you with the highest level of our service.

Client Education

We will educate you in various technology topics ranging from security, compliance, and new technologies. This is not the opportunity to lecture you on what you do right or wrong. It is rather to keep you aware of trends. If a new service may benefit you, it is best to inform you in advance before the next budget period. When the time is right to adopt the new solution, you would already be aware of the benefits.

Technology Business Reviews

Technology business reviews are for advocating improvements and alignment to defined standards. This is a face to face meeting where we will cover reactive support, ongoing projects, and recommendations for further improvements.

Life Cycle Budgeting

Budgeting for the short and long-term gives insight into planned expenses. We are sure you would prefer planned expenses when appropriate. As your vCIO, it is our responsibility to plan life cycle budgeting 3 years in advance. We will provide reminders for hardware, software, or services and the need for replacement.

New Technology Planning

When you contemplate new technology, we as your vCIO become your liaison. A successful project must consider expenses, infrastructure requirements, downtime, and scope of work. The need to see value early in the decision-making process prevents unforeseen issues. We will work with you to evaluate the options and implementation process.

Modern Wokplace Technology Training

Modern workplace technologies represent a complete change in direction from what businesses are used to. Once these new technologies are introduced into your organisation, we will host focus group sessions with your staff showing them what’s possible and how best to adapt their current processes and workflows with the technology.

Strategic Roadmap

We will keep up to date a 3-year strategic technology roadmap for your organisation. The plan will contain projects that enable you to align with a defined set of best practices and focuses on technical alignment and business goals.


A budget is as equal in importance to recommendations and a strategic roadmap. Planning and allocating funds ahead of time prevents surprise expenditures. Broken down per month or quarter, granular budgets make planning for items more manageable and advanced awareness of projects and their costs puts will put you more at ease.

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Platinum IT Managed Services

Truly “Preventative” IT Maintenance

We have developed comprehensive checklists that we run through to keep all components of your network in excellent order. Our Network Monitoring System sends us alerts when any key variable on your network reaches a warning or critical state, so we can act upon the alert before you even know there’s a problem.

Technical Documentation

We will keep up to date comprehensive technical documentation of your network to simplify and speed up future troubleshooting of any technical issues. We will also compile and send you a monthly top-level report which summarises key network indicators over the month. This will highlight any concerns which may come up from time to time.

Software License Management

Tech Patrol will administer and maintain the currency of software licenses and subscriptions for your IT Assets and users. Our comprehensive license management will ensure that you will maintain license compliance.

Whenever new licenses or subscriptions are purchased, installed or upgraded, we will maintain and keep up to date this information as part of our Asset Management processes.

IT Asset Management

Discovering and managing IT assets is a tough job especially when it comes to keeping track of IT inventory. Our Asset Management system automates a lot of this work and records any changes made on your IT Assets in Realtime. When an IT Asset is installed it will be issued with a unique Asset ID and all appropriate details such as the device name, serial number and any warranty details together with renewal or expiration dates will be recorded and tracked.


The reporting tool as part of our Network Monitoring system allows us to gain insight into your IT infrastructure. Strategic operations are maintained through utilization, network assessment, capacity and event reporting. Providing "on-demand" reports also simplifies the process of troubleshooting issues and we can quickly demonstrate the need for more resources with capacity reports, or highlight strategic improvements using our network assessment reports.

These reports cover such key areas as device inventory, pricing, antivirus protection, backup integrity, user audits, hardware and software check-ups, and more. That’s data we can immediately use to improve your IT environment.

Patch Management

It all boils down to being proactive instead of reactive. Proactive management anticipates problems in advance and develops policies to deal with them; reactive management adds layer upon layer of hastily thought up solutions patched together using bits of string and glue. It’s easy to see which approach will unravel in the event of a crisis.

Automation & Self-Healing

By automating checks and alerts, automatically approving critical patches, and taking care of routine tasks like system restarts and cleaning out temp files, the system manages most behind the scenes potential issues on autopilot. Tech Patrol will also set up automatic fixes for problem scenarios such as an application failing. This allows us to fix problems quickly, often before your staff would even know about them.


Dedicated Network Administrator

Maintaining & securing your infrastructure proactively 

A function of our engagement with you is to have a complete mastery of your business use of technology. This goes beyond basics including industry trends, business applications, or compliance requirements. This implies that we need to understand what your business does, how you do it, and what your technology does for you in order to provide you with the highest level of our service.

Server Administration

We have developed a comprehensive checklist for server maintenance which is performed each month. This includes investigating error logs, which ensures your server remains free from corruption & unlikely to create disruptions to your business operations. We also conduct weekly disk defragmentation, perform system optimisation and ensure that the antivirus software is being updated regularly and that a weekly Malware scan is conducted.

Server Maintenance also includes the monthly patching of only prequalified Operating System and Security patches as well as Server restarts.  Furthermore our Server monitoring system performs self-healing on any failed critical services. This means that the system will automatically attempt 3 times to restart any failed services whereby providing rapid rectification of common issues. Any triggered self-healing attempts sends an alert to our NOC team for further investigation.

Workstations / Laptops

Technical support provides diagnosing and resolving problems including supporting customer specific applications and user orientation. Hardware maintenance services ensures that any faulty hardware is repaired at minimum inconvenience to the user and we will provide a temporary loan device where necessary.

As part of managing your fleet of computers and laptops, we track all hardware details such as Hard Disk size, free disk space, RAM size and CPU type to name a few as well as Software applications installed. We keep a 3-month history of this data and can provide comprehensive reports which will highlight any trends to be aware of.

Microsoft Office 365

We will manage and support all aspects of your Office 365 backend tenancy and users.

This includes your hosted email services (Online Exchange), distribution groups, contact aliases and public folders. Also included is the recovery of any deleted items and the tracking of mail flows if email is not being received.

If you have subscribed to Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Cloud App Security Services, we will also include the management of your cloud security policies and provide reports on security and access, as well as Data Loss Prevention alerts.

We also provide support with all the core Office 365 Desktop Apps such as Outlook, OneDrive Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Planner and Teams as well as any desktop agents used for synching data.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Tech Patrol ensures your system and data is easily recoverable in the case of an emergency.

We will investigate the success of your Server backup and disaster recovery jobs to ensure they were successful and complete. As part of the monthly Maintenance checks we will also review the content of your backup routines ensuring all critical directories and folders are included in the regular backup routine. Unlimited troubleshooting of issues with your backup and disaster recovery solution is included in the monthly cost. If a scheduled backup job did not run successfully Tech Patrol will intervene by fixing the cause and will manually re-run the failed backup job therefore minimizing any gaps in your backup sets.

We will also conduct backup validations from your backup media to ensure that your data is fully retrievable in the case of a crash or unforeseen event.

Furthermore on an annual basis we will conduct a Disaster Recovery simulation whereby we execute the operation we would perform in the event of a full disaster. This involves bringing your latest external backups to our office and using our standby Server hardware to restore your server(s) to full operation. By demonstrating that this procedure can be performed we aim to provide peace of mind to our customers. The process is fully documented and timed with a comprehensive report being kept up to date for your records.

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Customer Support Team

Supporting your business 24/7

We have developed comprehensive checklists that we run through to keep all components of your network in excellent order. Our Network Monitoring System sends us alerts when any key variable on your network reaches a warning or critical state, so we can act upon the alert before you even know there’s a problem.

Superior Response Times

When you become a Platinum IT Managed Services client you will be experiencing one of the best Response Time SLAs in the industry. You can be reassured that if a critical technical problem strikes, a Tech Patrol technical Engineer is immediately available when you need us most.

Extended Operational Hours

We realise that most organisations have staff starting early or working back late. Our Platinum IT Managed Services therefore provides support from 7:30am until 6:30pm Monday till Friday. We are also available to provide limited support over the weekends.

After Hours Support

Tech Patrol’s After Hours Support ensures that your users receive prompt technical assistance for any critical issues after hours.

Please note that After Hours Support is only intended for critical issues effecting all users such as an entire site outage or Server not responding.

Response Times



Response Time

1. Critical issues

Technical issues stopping workflow for all staff and no work-around is available

Remote Support
within 30 minutes

Onsite Support
within 2 hours

2. Serious issues

Technical issues seriously impacting business operations or workflow of critical individuals have ceased

Remote Support
within 1 hour

Onsite Support
within 4 hours

3. Minor issues

Minimal Impact on Business Operations i.e. One or several users have non-critical issues

Remote Support
within 1 business day

Onsite Support
within 2 business days

Liaison with other Providers

Tech Patrol saves you the time and frustration of liaising between your technical providers. We will manage all contact with your vendor or 3rd party providers and get the required assistance for resolution of any issue, or to make changes to your current settings.

Our Process

  • Free Strategy Session

    Meeting with our vCIO  discussing your business challenges, available technologies and brainstorming ideas.

  • Discovery

    Complete a Fact Finder survey.
    For more complex needs, a Discovery Workshop will help unravel your requirements.
    Depending on the services you require, we may also undertake an assessment of your current IT environment.

  • Design

    We create a transition plan from your current configuration to your new service. We will provide any practical variation options and options for further developing and improving your technology in future.

  • Accept

    Yay, you’ve decided to use TechPatrol. Accept online to start your subscription.

  • Transition-In

    Our Service Transition team ensures little-to-no interruptions to your organisation’s workflow while you are getting started with new TechPatrol services.

  • Operational

    You’ll be given a service active date. You and your staff will receive the full benefits of TechPatrol services from this date, including a single monthly bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Tech Success Program work?

Tech Patrol services come together in a single subscription called Tech Success. 

Tech Success is designed as a full service of care covering unlimited IT Support, 24/7 proactive IT monitoring, systems management, and IT strategy.

These services are included in a single subscription, billed monthly.

Is there a long term contract?

No, our Tech Success Program is a rolling monthly contract, with a 3 month notice period, but no long fixed term.  You can cancel anytime with the contract ending after the notice period.  The only exception are services where an upstream service provider imposes their own fixed term, for example an internet connection.

What happens if I want to leave?

You are free to cancel your Tech Success subscription at any time with 3 months of notice. 

Note, some services can have a fixed end date where an upstream service provider imposes their own fixed term, for example internet connections.

Who can access my data?

The security surrounding your technology systems ensures that only authorised and assigned TechPatrol staff can access your data. Similarly, we will ensure that only authorised staff from your business can access your confidential records and information. TechPatrol is compliant with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) & the Australian Privacy Principles.

Are the services based in Australia?

Yes, we have both staff and data centres located in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Our head office is in Sydney. Data stored in the TechPatrol Cloud network never leaves Australia unless required and expressly authorised by you.

Are we supported when working from home?

Our Service Desk supports your people which includes support for all devices listed in the program at any location including at home when used for business purposes by a staff member.

Will there be any downtime?

When you first sign up to our Tech Success program, our team will work with you and will schedule any downtime if required. If any downtime is required, it can often be arranged outside of business hours to minimise disruption to your operations.

What hours do you operate?

Our Service Desk operates from 7.30am to 6:30pm every business day of the year. Our after hours engineers are available for urgent requests 24x7 when required.

Simple upfront pricing

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Working With The Best-of-Breed

Tech Patrol has volume supply agreements for all major hardware and software vendors alongside a robust procurement and implementation processes.

We always look at relationship over product margins. Our product margins are transparent to our clients as this is not our key driver, but rather the best value for our business. We will make proactive product commendations only if we believe it will better the over all productivity of the organisation.

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