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Microsoft Reveal New Surface Product Line

Article by Diogo Correa
October 9, 2019

Over 7 years ago – June 2012 – Monday, during an invitation-only event held in Los Angeles, Microsoft got the tech press to do something almost unprecedented: wait with eager anticipation for a Microsoft product announcement. Now, just last week, Microsoft announced the new Surface Duo along with a new range of surface products.

Microsoft believes that the new devices are instruments to tackle Apple and Samsungs market backed with a design that will enable people to transition into a flow state where they deliver their best work that aligns with a Modern Workplace. The surface team created a 2-in-1 category and continues to redefine and reimagine how the product range can allow customers to be their most productive and creative, achieving anything.

“Coming out with a new version of Windows [OS] on a phone … when the market’s settled on Android and iOS doesn’t make sense,”

“Using Android, which is an established OS with an established ecosystem, and optimizing Microsoft first-party apps for it … is going to be much easier than trying to bring Windows to a phone.”

Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi

Microsoft’s move comes at a time where it’s getting harder and harder for companies to sell pricey smartphones, not only to the public bit the Small to Medium business market. 

The new Microsoft devices have more performance than ever before, enhanced designs across their most popular products including Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X, which they believe these new devices will continue to set the bar in innovation and deliver incredible experiences for customers. 

These enhancements include increased power, speed and size, now available in 13.5” and 15” displays, plus new colours and finishes. They have also had new accessory enhancement including type covers, pens and mice that will enable users to customise how they work.

Surface will now also provide businesses with improved serviceability, more sustainable commercial packaging and something we know our customers have been asking for, such as removable SSD’s in Laptop 3 and Surface Pro X.

Our team is extremely excited about these new developments and the coming releases and we hope you are as excited as we are about these new Surface devices and how they can empower your business to achieve more. I can’t wait for you to see how the products can light up your workplace and enable you for the future. 



Diogo Correa

Head of Sales

Diogo has a Bcom in International Business and has forged Technology deals for multiple Enterprise-Grade businesses along with government organisations, across Australia. He is passionate about technology and leading our clients into digital alignment through our innovative Technology Success Program that he has helped build from the ground up.

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