IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services

Managed IT Services from $25/month

  • EndPoint | Computers, Laptops, Mobiles
  • Virtual Server Hosts | VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V
  • Servers | Operating Systems (Physical or Virtual)
  • Managed Cloud Collaboration | Office 365, Gsuite
  • Network Devices | Printers, Switches, UPS
  • Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Network Security

True Managed IT Services

Our developed Best Practice in Network Maintenance, supported by advanced Network Monitoring Systems, ensure your IT investments are protected and operating at PEAK performance.

By utilising one of our subscriptions, we will equip your business with fully Managed IT Services where you can chose to entirely or partially, outsource your existing IT operations, including all your usual business applications, desktops, devices, hardware, networks, platforms and servers.

We are confident in our offering, so much so that we allow a month-to-month subscription basis (NO TERM CONTRACT). Guaranteeing businesses we work with will avoid costly and disruptive downtime, increase staff productivity and concentrate on developing your core business. It’s that simple.

Tech Patrol’s Managed Services program is extremely flexible and cost effective. We'll assume ongoing responsibility for managing, monitoring and problem resolution for your select IT systems on your behalf, with the flexibility of our subscription plans.

Sound good?

Accountancy Insurance

“The Tech Patrol team has been supporting our business for over 10 years now and our systems have been running smoothly with minimum downtime. When there is problem, there is always someone available for immediate support. Their expertise and support been integral to the management of our IT infrastructure throughout.”

David Tediwijaya

Accountancy Insurance


“Tech Patrol have been our IT support service provider for 6 years and we have come to rely on the expertise and integrity of the whole team to take over the management of our IT. What makes Tech patrol unique and valuable is it is like having your own IT department at your disposal, which you would ordinarily see in a much larger organisation and for a fraction of the cost.”

Suzie Farrow


Versatile Tiles

“Tech Patrol have been business partners of Versatile Ceramics since 2011. Their expertise and support been integral to the management of our IT infrastructure throughout.”

Ahmad Trad

Versatile Ceramics


“We engaged Techpatrol to set up and maintain our IT infrastructure in 2011 and continue with them today. As our company grew and the demand for faster connection, dedicated lines, more users on line and integration of multiple systems, so Techpatrol partnered us in the journey. Techpatrol have remained responsive, empathetic and competitively well priced throughout.”

Dr James Grealy

Aquarius Aged Care

QReport logo

"We know that the hurdles faced were far from basic when we signed up. Nothing was too hard for your team – they are true professionals."

Liran Lahav


Managed IT Services

We provide a virtual desktop, which allows all your current business applications to be accessible to your staff from anywhere , using any internet enabled devices. 

Apps Provided

Microsoft Office
Dynamics CRM
All Windows Applications
Skype for Business

Additional Services

Disaster Recovery (DR)
TP Security 
Network ISP

Support Services

24/7 help desk for incident resolution and services. 



IT Managed Services - Tech Patrol


Professional Technical Support

Standard is our midrange plan, which provides everything that our essentials plan offers, however we also include any technical support that may be required that can be done remotely.



Your IT Department

Our highest endpoint plan which includes everything required to fully support your businesses IT assets from top to bottom. In addition to remote technical support we also include any technical work that may be required onsite.


$25 / mnth
  • System Monitoring and Alerting (24/7)
  • System Documentation
  • Operating System Updates & Patching (weekly)
  • AV Software Updating (daily)
  • Malware Scanning (weekly)
  • Remote Technical Support
  • Onsite Support / Callout (Billed - Time of labor)
  • Hardware Vendor Liaison


$50 / mnth
  • System Monitoring and Alerting (24/7)
  • System Documentation
  • Operating System Updates & Patching (weekly)
  • AV Software Updating (daily)
  • Malware Scanning (weekly)
  • System & Disk Optimisation (Weekly)
  • Remote Technical Support
  • Onsite Support / Callout
  • Hardware Vendor Liaison
  • Emergency Loan PC/Laptop

How Does It Work?

Tech Patrol will provide unlimited troubleshooting for all technical issues on your IT Assets included in the Managed Services program for a fixed monthly cost.

Simply choose the level of cover you would like for your IT Assets and Software components to be included in our IT Managed Services Program to receive the full benefits of the chosen package.

Each month we will send you an updated list of your IT Managed Services Assets so you can have complete transparency when it comes to your managed assets. You can upgrade your package at any time.

Furthermore, any new request on components included in the program will also incur no additional charge.

For example, this will cover things like, setting up new users on the Network, Changing over staff members – Reconfiguration of a user on the Network, Updating versions of installed Software, Restoring from backup files/folders that a user accidentally deleted.

Now, all your users can call Tech Patrol for support without fear of incurring additional charges and you can relax knowing that whatever technical glitches arise, they will be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible and you will not blow your IT services budget.


Managed Services Key Benefits


Truly “Preventative” IT Maintenance

Others promise it. TechPatrol delivers. We have developed comprehensive checklists which we run on a monthly basis to keep all components of your network in excellent order. Our Network Monitoring Systems comes equipped with patch management modules which allow us to patch Microsoft applications and platforms as well as third-party software, such as Java, Adobe products, and common browsers. Combines with flexible workflows that send us alerts when any key variable on your network reaches a warning or critical state, so we can act upon the alert before you even know there’s a problem.

Predict and Reduce your IT Servicing Costs

Finally, you can lock in your IT Servicing costs and budget into the future based on estimated growth. Avoid the stress and uncertainty of your IT support bill each month and save yourself and your staff wasting valuable time playing around with technology. Leave it to the experts.

Superior Response Times

As a Managed Services customer of TechPatrol, you are entitled to one of the best Response Time SLAs in the industry. You can be reassured that if a critical technical problem strikes, a TechPatrol technical Engineer is available in a matter of minutes.

Powerful Reports

We compile simple, non-technical or technical monthly Systems Report showing visibility into what patch-related activities have been performed with an Executive Summary written in plain English.

The report also summarises network performance over the month and highlights any concerns from our maintenance and monitoring team for your consideration. We will also update your technical documentation each month to simplify and speed up future troubleshooting of any technical issues.

IT Asset Management

When an IT Asset is setup on our Managed Services program it will be issued with a unique TechPatrol Asset ID and all appropriate details such as device name, serial number and any warranty details together with renewal or expiration dates will be entered into our Asset Management System. All works performed or related to your IT Managed Services Assets will be logged against the Asset ID and service records will be kept much like your cars service log book.

The IT Asset will also be added into our Monitoring System and a notification email will be sent to you at least one month before any warranty or vendor subscription expiration is reached.

Business Alignment

IT and Business alignment is necessary to establish IT as a critical partner to – and enabler of – the business, bringing the strategic elements together with the tactical vision. Tech Patrol will assure that your business has an effective collaborative relationship with both, which is key to driving digital initiatives and achieving desired business outcomes.

By making sure that your IT culminates with every business unit within the organisation, it will allow for working in unison to fulfil its holistic strategic objectives for rapid growth.

Questions about getting started? 

Drop us a line to find out more! This is obligation free. Get in touch, don't wait around.

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